Membership is the HDEART Health Equity Scholars & Alumni Network is open specifically to who have been a part of Health Equity Scholars or similar programs across America. We are specifically targeting those individuals who have been a part of the educational programs of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Center for Research on Minority Health/Dorothy I. Height Center for Health Equity Research, the Intercultural Cancer Council & its Regional Networks, the Kellogg Health Scholars and the HDEART Educational Programs. However, we are also open to anyone who are open to a biopsychosocial approach to addressing health equity. As stated before, we are creating a space where one can connect to exchange information, ideas, opportunities, experiences, etc. to support and help facilitate each other’s success and advance health equity work. So, whether you are a academician, community activist, politician or just someone interested in addressing health equities in a positive manner, you are welcome.