HHESA Membership

The main objective of HHESA is to connect the dots.  To unite those who have been a part of the Health Equity Scholars Programs across America so that you are aware of others in your field. That there is a space where you can connect to exchange information, ideas, opportunities, experiences, etc. and to support and help facilitate each other’s success and advance health equity work. This is where we need your help. We need our members to “lean in” and…

  • Help disseminate information about the HDEART Health Equity Scholars & Alumni Network and encourage individuals to join.
  • Interface with your respective institutional leaders and HDEART colleagues to advance our educational and research initiatives.

At the moment we are not asking any for any membership dues. However, once the 501c3 is finalized, we will ask every member of the network to consider donating a minimum of $10 per month ($120/year) to support the development of the network and help defray the cost of future trainees to attend the summer workshop.

Based on the level of support, we will extend a discounted registration fee for students to attend the workshop, have access to the archive and have access to future workshops videos via streaming services. Currently, we offer these videos to HDEART institutional members to support the HDEART-C educational courses.

In addition, we are investigating improved strategies to disseminate information to our members including…

  • Dedicated space on the HDEART-C website to facilitate communication amongst the membership and the type of information this space should convey.
  • Other methods in addition to the website for information sharing (e.g., via email, social networking sites, etc.). We will be seeking the membership’s opinions on how would you like this information disseminated.
  • A fact sheet or something like that describing the initiatives HDEART-C supports.

And finally, we ask that you take every opportunity to education your network about and promote progressive social justice initiatives in policy agendas that will help to eliminate inequities. As I mentioned in one my blogs, a hand is stronger when its fingers are pulled together or connecting the dots.